Heathrow Airport:

The most active flying airport in the United Kingdom is Heathrow. It is located approximately 23 kilometres at west centre of London, in the district of Hillingdon. It has 5 terminals and offers tourists different store services, Currency exchange, post office and ATM’s.

Destinations FurgonetaMonovolumenTurismo
London City Center52€69€76€

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Inaugurated in 1946, because before that it was an airbase, this is one of the commercial airports most important,known and modern all over the world. It is utilised with a great number of international passengers, operated with more than 90 airlines and has more than 190 destinations. It's 5 terminals are connected to each other differently. The first 3 terminals are communicated by halls , while to get to 4 and 5, Heathrow Express, a free train is available.

Heathrow possess a large selection of pubs, and fast food chains, restaurants and bars. In its restaurant offers special benefits for people who travel with children,can reserve a special or food that they need. Moreover, depends on the season, children’s food are free of charge. In christmas season, from 12th of december to the 4th of january, from 23rd of october to the 2nd of november, from the 14th of july to the 1st of september, travelling children do not pay for their consumption.

This airport offers different services for its tourist. In all of its terminals have wifi connection, fax services, telephone booths, car rentals, lockers, newsstands, tobacco stores, souvenirs stores and duty free. In addition, it consists complete information offices that contains maps, schedule of flights and transport and among other things. Passengers with reduced capacity can find the installations adapted for them, among them are ramps for wheelchairs and sanitary ware. In addition, it consists free help from skycaps, that are employees of the airport who dedicate to help the passengers with luggage and more.

The medical centre is located in the terminal 2, just like the chapel. The restrooms of the terminal 1,3 and 4 are equipped with showers. In terminal 2 consists a conference room, telephone booth, copiers and computers. The car parks are connected by free buses. Also it consists parking service. Inside Heathrow there is only one hotel which is hotel Hilton. However, there are hotels nearby suchlike Holiday Inn heathrow and Sheraton Skyline. The airport has a transport service for passengers staying at hotels nearby.